Invitation for Photo Contest by VJA

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 , 00:09:42


Invitation for Photo Contest by VJA

To: Press Organizations in ASEAN Community

Dear colleagues,

In accordance to the Action Plan of the Confederation of ASEAN Journalists (CAJ) approved at the 18th CAJ General Assembly in Hanoi, with the aiming at strengthening solidarity and connection among journalists as well as press organizations in ASEAN Community through professional experience exchange for the process of regional development, lifting the image and influence of the CAJ organization in each country, in the region and the world, Vietnam Journalists Association (VJA) is honoured to host the Photo Contest “ASEAN - One Community” in Vietnam in 2016. Attached herewith the Rules of Photo Contest for your information.

To make a successful event, VJA calls for participation of all journalist organizations, media in ASEAN Community by spreading the Rules of Photo Contest to each members and sending photos to VJA before November 10th, 2016 via email addresses: (Ms. Nguyen Mi, VJA Assistant of International Affairs) and

With its meaningful and large-scale activity, VJA hopes to receiving positive, spacious and efficient participations from all journalists' organizations in the ASEAN Community. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Sincerely Yours,

Ho Quang Loi
First Vice President of VJA Secretary General of CAJ


Rules of Photo Contest “ASEAN - One Community” Vietnam, November 2016
1. Participants:
Photographers who are member of CAJ.

2. Content:
The beauty and human life of ASEAN countries must be reflected in each photo. It could be beautiful moments of daily life, customs, traditional and modern culture, linkages and friendship between all member countries of ASEAN community for its peace and prosperity.

3. Specification:
- Category: news photo (color, black & white). Photo has be taken within 3 years.
- The size of digital, panorama, JPG or JPEG images must be fit with 2000 x 1500 pixels, 1MB to 10MB and 300dpi. Paper, scan and photoshop photo is not accepted.
- Each photo must be named and noted in English, accompanied with full name of author and country.

4. Photo duration and destination:
Each CAJ’s member country collects a set of 40-50 pictures and send to VJA before November 10th, 2016 through email address: (Ms. Nguyen Mi, VJA Assistant of International Affair) and or by post: VIETNAM JOURNALISTS ASSOCIATION, No.59 Ly Thai To Str., Hoan Kiem Dis., Hanoi capital, Vietnam.

5. Prize structure:
- 01 Group prize $700 for a Journalists Association which has a set of photos marked with its diversity in content and best form of expression.
- 01 First prize $1000 - 01 Second prize $800 - 03 Third prize $400
- 05 Consolation prizes $200 Each prize will be accompanied with Certificate from Board of Organization.

6. Board of Organization and Examiners:
Board of Organization will be appointed by CAJ President, including: Representative of VJA (the host) and representative leaders of CAJ’s member countries. Board of Examiners will also be appointed by CAJ President, including: Representative of VJA and some well-known photographers among CAJ and VJA.

7. Photo examination and Award duration:
- Primary examination: from November 15 – 20, 2016
- Final examination: from November 25 – 27, 2016
- Photos Award: at the end December, 2016

8. Copyright:
The author will be responsible for on their own copyright.